Baer's Best Beans: Six Things to Know About Cooking Our Dry Beans

  1. Our fresh harvested beans do not require pre-soaking.
  2. One pound of dry beans will yield about 3 pounds of cooked beans.
  3. Do not add salt or any acidic ingredients (vinegar, tomatoes or lemon juice) to the water while you are cooking your beans. It will slow the cooking process down because these ingredients actually prevent the beans from absorbing water. Wait to add the salt or any acidic ingredients until after the beans are fully cooked.
  4. Advance Prep: If you don't want to use your cooked beans right away, you can rinse them in cold water until cool and drain. Freeze in small freezer bags or containers.
  5. Tip to Reduce the Gas: You can reduce the soluble sugars that can cause gas by replacing the cooking water with fresh water during the cooking process. Just repeat the process of boiling and simmering.
  6. Total cooking time will be 1 to 2 hours depending on the variety of bean.

Baer's Best Beans

South Berwick, Maine